Abandoned House 2:

This place was really beautiful. It's along a hiking trail next to a cable car for people who don't do actual hiking. When I found it it was in a perfect state of decay and stability, where all walls, roof, and stairs were intact enough to enter, but other parts were getting to the point where decomposition and nature were starting to reclaim it. My hiking buddy and I walked right in the door and found a lovely halfway destroyed kitchen. The broken window and hole in the roof let in some light and some vines were creeping down toward the broken dishes. The main room was ransacked and had lots of bottles and cans. My friend walked over amidst the stuff there and found the flooring to be unstable. He came back before testing it out too much and I'm glad he did because of what we saw later.

There was a stairway leading down to the lower part of the house, but the downstairs room was inaccessable so we had to go outside and look in to there from the windows. The scene from down there was gorgeous. The floorboards from upstairs were coming down gradually, like logs going over a waterfall, but put on pause. Light filtered in through a window gently, putting some of the warm colored wood in bright light and casting other things in slatted shadows. Half of a paper screen door had fallen from somewhere at some point to make the perfect centerpiece. It was like art, really, that's the only way I can describe it.