Miscellaneous Places:

Picture one: A house in the mountains that was once functional and now the front of it is boarded up but the back of it is decayed and open to the elements. There are trees growing on the balcony and through the windows up there you can see old mattresses and stuff. It feels a little creepy. I think the neighboors are using the bottom room as a shed.

Picture two: A gate leading to a field of weeds. The weeds were so tall and full of spiders, I have no idea what the gate used to be protecting.

Picture three: Absolutely no idea. This thing was on a block of cement as big as my living room. Standing on the block next to it, it went as tall as my knees. I found this by following a random foot path behind some kind of tourist area for a tomb on a hill.

Pictures four, five, and eight: Some random abandoned house in the middle of a small, rural town.

Pictures six and seven: Remains along the side of an abandoned railroad that was once used for logging in the mountains.

Picture nine: Peeking back at the first house listed on the site a couple years later.

Picture ten: An abandoned shrine. The actual shrine is long gone but the gate and bridge are still hanging in there.