Mountain Lift:

I found this place on a random hiking trip. There was a fence that said "Do Not Enter" with a hole in it, which seemed invitation enough, and I saw some really beautiful fall colors on the other side of it. So I went through it and found this little lift for carrying equipment up the mountain. It was well rusted and I had doubts about whether it was in operation at all. At the base was a stack of colorful tires. With the fall trees, the odd shapes of the lift, the pullies, and the ladder, the colors of rust, leaves, and random tires, it all seemed very beautiful. There was a soft breeze and the place was completely silent. Truely an abandoned area. I wanted to stay there a while, just enjoying the quiet atmosphere, but suddenly these maintenance people came by to inspect some nearby water pump. There wasn't much cover, so I just pretended I'd gone under the fence to take pictures of one of the trees, and after I'd taken a couple shots I went back and no one said anything.