Abandoned Flower Shop:

This shop is right next to a hiking train. It's in plain view of everything. Since on the the supporting beams and the roof are intact in the main part, it looks really unassuming. If there was ever anything left inside, it's all gone now. There's no floor, just dirt and pine needles. Looking at it from the outside, I didn't think much of it, but I went over to check it out to see if there was anything worth taking a picture of. . .

And I found a stairwell. It was cramped with weeds at the top, but the cement was solid halfway down and I found myself brought under the top structure and into a downstairs area that opened out on the side of a hill. My first impression of this place were the walls. All remnants of wood had rotted away, leaving yellowish-white pillars. It looked like something out of Egypt. There were some windows and places with stairs but no walls by which to really define things so it seemed less like a house and more like haphazard architecture thrown together for my photographing pleasure.

Perhpas the most interesting thing was the insulation. It wasn't everywhere, but was left here and there. In the past, houses were insulated by some kind of dirt mixture pasted to the walls. Thought all the wood was gone, this mixture was still clinging to much of the structure. But it wasn't very intact. In most places it was pitted with holes. A lot of the holes were of similar size which makes me wonder if it was decaying naturally or if someone had done something to damage the walls. It was really easy to lift the insulation from the cement. It fell away easily by my touch.