The first time I took a pen to paper without having any pencil lines to trace over, I began to draw all squiggly like this. I made this comic for a friend in this more surreal style. I thought that it fit the subject matter. The original comic is done with ink on paper, and then with each frame cut out and pasted onto black, thick paper. This is actually a photocopied version, which is why some parts are cut off, etc, and it didn't exactly scan well that way. But I hope you can at least read it.

The idea for this comic came out of researching various religions. I tried to put elements of many different religions and other ideas about Death into this. I think Aztec, Chinese, and Christianity make up the most of it.

In case you had no idea whatsoever what was going on and need some kind of explanation, I'll tell the story here in words. If you haven't yet read the comic, please don't read any further. The boy died as he was born, the only memory in his head before he died was his mothers anguished face as the doctor held him up and said he was lost. The boy enters the Afterlife before he has any concept of what such a thing even is, and must find out by talking to various inhabitants what exactly is going on. In the end he is rescued by the Bodhisattva who takes him away to a more suitable Afterlife.