Things you can buy! Contact me for details at

This is my artbook, of which there are still signed copies of. Click the above image for more details about purchasing it. The book is a compilation of my favorite short comics, intriguing artwork, robots, syringes, and moments where silence speaks louder than words.

Prints of my art are 5 dollars each. Email me for which one you want. Click the above image if you need more information.

A few other pieces of art I hang hanging around my room that I'd like to sell:

I'll sell these as a set for $25, and throw in some random stuff from Japan. I'll pay for shipping. Shipping here is pretty cheap. If you only want one of the pictures, instead of the set, how about 5 bucks each.

This watercolor picture for six dollars.

And here are a few items I have that I'd rather get rid of. Shipping only, no additional cost.
Other things not in the picture include Hikaru no Go vol. 1 manga, in Japanese, a stuffed hammerhead shark, and a Sazae-san comic strip book in English AND Japanese.

That's all for now.