Moths and Butterflies:

Digital Painting:

Beautiful City Girl
Printed in Kikan S, Volume 23, Summer 2008

The Last F.I.S.H.
Global Artist Movement, Toyota Citizen Gallery 2015

Houki kara Nigeru (Run from the Broom)
Global Artist Movement, Toyota Municipal Museum 2016

Kings Among Queens
Global Artist Movement, Toyota Municipal Museum 2018

Walled Off World A Skull Fish
Magic Potion and Stars Colorado Road
Far Away Deep Discovery
Warning, nudity:
Forest And Mountain Man Follows the Sun

Pen And Pencil:

The Way to the Palace Mt. Takatori and Takatori Shrine


Clockwork Fish Found you!


Painted Seashells Trilobite Shell Wedding Gift

Three Dimensional:

Spiderglass Junk Creatures
Lockfish Robutogani