Comics by me, arranged in no particular order:

If you like what you see here, I have an artbook - - which harbors a collection of comics (some from this site, some unique to the book) and additional artwork.

Ongoing webcomic:
Two Moons. In a world where the sun hasn't risen in 500 years, science and emotion dominate the lives of humans and mutants alike. Updated frequently. (500 pages)

Through the arms of an Octopus. (12 pages)

A true story of fairies. (14 pages)

A short fantasy story. (8 pages)

CONSTRICTION. Making the choice to live, making the choice to die. (20 pages)

Artificial Ambition. Robots have feelings, too. (14 pages)

Intimacy. (19 pages)

Ancedotes and humor. (9 strips)

One page collaboration comic, where plans go horribly wrong. (1 page)

Respect. And the man walked away with tears in his eyes. (4 pages)

Afterdeath. Surreal depiction of life after death. (24 pages)

Final Fantasy 7 "doujinshi". (11 pages)

Following the Alsn - For my friend, whom I am constantly following. It's got nifty hell demons in it. (11 pages)

Blizar. In the future, Heaven runs out of souls. Much randomness. (35 pages)

Nee's His-Story. Kids, rocks, and chickens. (50 pages)

Prince of Tennis. (10 frames)

Bip. Done in 24 hours. (25 pages)

The Usefulness of sisters. Where Sine and Spar live together and have kids. (4 pages)
A superhero comic I whipped up for a project in my bug class. (7 pages)

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