Just some thoughts on how I draw...
I started drawing the second I could hold a crayon and never stopped. I never hated anything I drew, I never cared about things looking right, I just kept doing it all the way until now.

My drawn hands started as circles with sticks poking out.
I didn't draw noses on anyone until elementary school.
I always made certain to put every detail possible onto people's clothing.
I was terrible at coloring things in.. All my friends in first grade were so much better at it than I.

When I draw a person, I start with their jawline. If I don't, everything from there on gets messed up. Then I'll draw the eyes. Usually, one looks funny and gets redrawn a few times, the other stays perfect. The nose defines where everything else on the face is located. After the head is finished, I move down to the rest of it.

Every year, I get more and more comfortable with bigger sizes.
In high school, I drew teeny tiny people. Ten to a page.
Now I can't fit more than a head and a torso on a single sheet.

I've always had different styles of drawing based on what medium I use. More realistic for pencil, more iconic with pen, looseness in traditional media, exactness in digital media... As for paper, it has to be smooth.. The smoother, the better. As for utensils, I use the cheepest .5 mechanical pencil I can lay my hands on, micron pens, and my paintbrush is something I found in my mother's house that she hasn't noticed missing.

I've gotten in fights with people over utensils.

I haven't ever taken any proper art classes, but I'm far from being "self taught." I'm always studying others' work, and asking people questions.

Some tips for being an artist..
Decide to be one. The earlier the better. Even if your work sucks. The title is more a state of mind and one becomes so much more focused with purpose after aquiring it.
Also, draw every single day. Without fail. Whether or not anything good comes of it. There is no such thing as talent, there is just practice. Nothing comes without work.

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