How do people draw wings??
Oh nooo! Nobody seems to know!
Not even famous Japanese comic artists and animators!

Hasn't anyone seen a bird before? One with wings? I advise you to go take a look.
A bird's wing has got bones in it.
I've found some picture of the bones from The Albatross Project. Take a look:

And here's another picture:

That I got from Anatomy home.
And another one:

Does this have any meaning to you yet?
The first time I learned how to draw wings was in Zoology class in High School.
It was the first day and the teacher goes, "OH MY GOD guess what I found last night! A dead bat in my backyard!! So I pinned it up and took all its insides out, come look!" And I went over and saw this tray and the bat's wings looked like this:

It's really simple. Wings aren't that hard to draw as long as you know where the bones are.
Now for some examples of poorly done wings!
*grabs random VoH manga off shelf*

These are no good.
Another thing I hate are those wings they sell that you can wear on your back.. They're so bad....
So, can you tell which picture has the better wings?:

Yes, it pays to know your anatomy.

That is all I have to say.

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