My favorite comics:
Dark, twisted, gorgeous, and colorful. My favorite. A close second in awesomeness, White Noise.
Trust nothing.
Original fantasy, in watercolors.
What is more sexy than your own internal parasite? A mixture of serious horror and amazing cuteness.
Sci Fi, borderline yaoi, with excellent characterization
Art and shorter comics. Read "Alice."

demian5 When I am King.
If you still haven't found a webcomic you like, I suggest searching on or

Art sites:

Long Live The New Flesh!
A storyboard artist
Japanese artist with dark, inspiring concepts.
Good friend and super amazing digital artist
Noah-kh's god-like digital art
I love how she does lighting. Mmm.....
I want to be like her when I grow up.

Japanese people always win.

This makes me happy.
One of my absolute favorites.
An awesome person all around.

All my other favorite Japanese sites:

If you want to recommend any more cool artists to me, please do so!!

Most of people I watch on DeviantArt:
People in bold are those who regularly blow my socks off:
Agacissko angrymikko AquaSixio AtomicFireball Berseck
buraisuko CrankBot Cypher-Calliste damnengine deaddreamer
elsevilla fistsofbloodandink GraySapphire GunnerRomantic Hideyoshi
HOON kaworu24 kmkho kosmonauttihai LaughingAstarael
Lieserl lilykane loish Mad-Sniper mahi-mahi
mapend mikilana mitsuu neomonki noah-kh
Obtuse-Enigma pixieface Quizzical reuhentahl RobinRone
sebychu skulldog star234gurl sweetmoon tahra
THE-aska theumbrella titta Untitliel
virus-AC74 ZeroCartin ZoeStead

More comics! My friends and favorites on DrunkDuck

Fated Feathers
The Planet Closest To Heaven
Pinky TA
Arch Angel

If I forgot anyone let me know...

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