Hold Your Baroque Inside


I first heard about Baroque from an issue of Fanroad, which is a Japanese fan oriented magazine about videogames. Mostly it just had fanart and cosplay pictures in it, with some random manga thrown in. One of the pictures that interested me, though was this one:

Based on the coolness of that picture, I bought some Baroque manga. The manga is by Shinsyu Ueda and I believe it was written after the Baroque game was created

I have translated the first chapter of the first manga here:
Baroque Vol.1 Ch.1

The game is apparently much cooler than the manga. Every time you die and come back to life, things change. The point is to play through the same scenario multiple times.

Here is an awesome site with cool Baroque fanart and Baroque-inspired art: Dilemmacity
Here is an official site: Baroque

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