Heaven's End, Farther than Blue
(This book is copywrited by Miggy and Wanimagazine)

7 Dream of a sky cage

13 Voice of Garden

14 Sometimes it's that I dream I've become a butterfly

15 But mostly it's ash colored dreams
An unwanted thought
Those who struggle will always want to taste beautiful dreams
Come here

18 What a beautiful color. If I were this, I'd have nothing to complain about.
That's what I hope for.
A good dream...

19 You, the flower crown

21 I am always waiting

23 But I noticed that
If you only waiting then nothing changes.

24 But by could moving by your own power, you can go anywhere!

25 And cross into my world.

27 Caged Garden Butterflies

35 Emma's dreams

41 Blue of Heaven

43 I only have half a wing! Where did I drop it?

44 These are my wings. Perhaps you dropped your further down?

45 You found it before me didn't you!
I tried going above ground, but I couldn't fly.

46 Ah, so this is the world above ground.

47 Growing Flowers

50 When I'm thinking of you, my happiness spreads out

51 Like the moon
Like having a dream

52 On this street flowers of happiness are blooming

55 Stars and blue

63 Fragments of a window

70 Plastic Color

72 Temperature of the Heavens

78 Memories of the garden

80 Premonition

81 Tracks of blue

88 I loved to draw when I was little
I drew on the ground and clouded windows.
To come out with my own book, my own picture collection, was something I never dreamed of.
I just want to say that I only draw every day because I love it!

Mixing colors and water is lots of fun.
It's just by chance that strange shapes come, colors bleed together, brush strokes happen.
I find that way of drawing enjoyable.

I'm grateful for the support that my family and friends have given me in the creation of this book.

And above all, thank you so much for taking a look.

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