Kaj's WINNING entry to the 2008 DNA Day contest! In her own words:
I was trying to figure out what would be completely crazy to do with DNA, and while I was staring at a gel it hit me that DRAWING with DNA would probably be something no one else would do. So I did it!

I extracted DNA from several mutants (bacteria), amplified certain genes, and then added a lot of a chemical called ethidium bromide (EtBr, in lab parlance). Incubated it and let the EtBr intercalate with the DNA. . . and while that was going on made some plain agar plates. And then I used a pipette that measures 2 uL at a time to inject the DNA into the plate in some places, and pull lines of it across the plate in others. I had to work over a UV lamp with goggles on, since EtBr lights up in UV (purple-pink!), letting us see where the DNA is located.

It was HARD trying to draw using what is, sorta, a syringe. And then I took a picture using our system for visualizing other DNA projects. Voila!

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