Kimi ga Ita Natsu Kimi ga Ita Natsu - The Summer You Were There

Note: Grandpa is not Souta's grandpa, it's just a familiar term.

Around that time, I was a child....
Can forbid (you taking care or something being here?)
At the bridge, it was very far away, I got used to seeing the river bend there.
My heart still yearns to see the scenery.

Only one part of the river turned on that side

Was my peaceful world completely wrong?

(Lots of sun shiney noises everywhere.)
Souta: "I found something good!"
Yuki: "What, Sou-chan?"
Souta: "Look, Yuki! This! This! Some seed thingy! Prettyy! The seed is all nifty and lightweight!"

Grandpa: "Oi, a little help here!"
Yuki: "Grandpa!"
Grandpa: "Let's go fishing! Are you going to come?"
Yuki: "Coming! Coming!"
Souta: "Ah! Me too!"

Souta: "Naa.. Grandpa."

Grandpa: "Hm? What is it, Souta?"
Souta: "Now can we go over to the other side of the river? It's much bigger there!"
Grandpa: "Is that so.. Still I think it's far away and dangerous. You still want to go and see?"
Souta: "Yeah!"
Grandpa: "Really? 'Cause there's nothing there."
Souta: "No, it'll be good!!"
Grandpa: "Alright, alright. But but I'm coming too."
Souta: "Really?"

Grandpa: "Aa, Really?"
Souta: "Absolutely promise?"
Grandpa: "Aa, Promise."

Souta: "Here."
Yuki: "What?"
Souta: "Because there were two, I'm giving you one."
Yuki: "...Are you sure?"
Souta: "Yeah! It's spring now so we can plant together." And these will grow!
Yuki: "Yeah!"

Souta: "Let's go to the river bend together!"
Yuki: "Yeah!"

But then-
After some time, Yuki went to a separate town.
His father's city job was waiting for him in spring.
Yuki's grandpa went, too.
Since then, I haven't gone to the river bend at all.
I've grown out of that kind of thing along with my childhood.
I yearned to come to that side of the world that I didn't think I would ever see.

But that time was certain--

Kimi Ga Ita Natsu (The summer you were there)

(Sunshine noises.)
38th Year of the Showa era- Summer

(Note, I can NOT tell the difference between these two kids! Argg.. This is all assumption on who's who until page 13.)

Kid: "O--i! Minaguchi!"
Souta: "What the.. Matsumura, what's this haste all about?"
Matsumura: "(Finally.. I caught up..)"
Matsumura?: "WHAT'S WITH THIS!?"
"You promised to go with me for icecream after school!"

Matsumura: "Oh yeah, hey, calm down it's okay."
Souta: (absolutely no idea what he says here but it's surpressed anger.)

Matsumura: "Aa, it's so hot.."
Souta: "Well we're still in July. Let's go over to that place near the bookstore."

(The sign says "Ice")
"Hello, welcome."

Souta: "Ooo! Cold ahhh.."
Matsumura: "I could eat about two cups. So.. I saw something in your neighborhood on TV..."

Souta: "That can't be. Up to my house..."
Matsumura: "What? What do you mean? It's been on since 8 o'clock-"

Souta: ... mmer..
Matsumura: "Are you listening to me?! Pay attention!"
Souta: "Eh.. aa.. sorry. What was it?"
Matsumura: "Hey, I'm already Summer 'Bate'(??), did you forget!??"
Souta: "My /Head/ is 'delicate' so spinning around too fast might make me tired... sigh."
Matsumura: ".... you mean you're stupid..?"
Souta: "He says this person is stupid. The person who said that is the one who's stupid. It's Matsumura-kun! He can't remember anything that goes in his head."
Matsumura: "......"

(Lots and LOTS of sun shiney noises)
Souta: Hot... "I'm home-"
Lady: "Oh, Souta-chan!?"
Souta: Eh?

Oba-san: "Oh oh oh, but isn't he big now? Do you remember me?"
Souta: "Eh.. Um.."
Souta's Mom: "Souta, Kawamura-san's aunt. Remember now?"
Souta: Aa.. "Oh yeah." Somehow...
Mom: "Recently they returned back here."
Oba-san: "Well, good to see you!"
Oba-san: "Well with all that, You have to stretch your back to see Souta-chan. Aren't you surprised, Oba-san?"
(I doesn't feel like translating the written text. Just insert gossippy women stuff.)
"He's one year younger than your Yuki so, is he third year now?"
Oba-san: "Yuki. Come on over."
(stepping noise)

(Sunny shiney)
Souta: "Yu.."

Yuki: "..... It's been a long time.."

Souta: "Yeah."
Yuki: "About Nine years...?"
Souta: A wonderful feeling...
".. that's right."
Familiar child....
Tch... What is it about him?
Those peaceful times gone by...
What about it?
Yuki: "'I want to go there and see that,' I think it was.."

Souta: "Eh?"
"Wha.. what?"
Yuki: "Didn't you say those words back in the past?"
"I want to go see the other side."
"..... like that."
Souta: "I spoke like a brat back then."
"Doing things just for fun."

Yuki: "Oh.."
Souta: "Oh! How's your grandpa?"
"Fishing as usual?"
Yuki: ".....I"
"have to go."
"...... I need to finish moving in."

Souta: That night I watched him.

'I'm going to a far away place now.'

Souta: That's what Little Yuki said..
Now he's older..... That slender voice hasn't changed.

'I'm sorry, Grandpa can't promise..'
'After.... I..... '----'.... I can't...'
(Souta:)'......Eh? What?'
(Yuki:) Sorry.

Souta: You can't what?

Souta: ...........

Matsumura: "(something)time, that's a nice car huh!"
Souta: "That car huh.. I want one, too."
Glasses: "Do you got one?"
??: "Not me."
??: "Me neither."
??: "If we're going to get in to high school, we can't be thinking about buying things"
Glasses: "What about me, I had to buy these glasses"
SOmeone: "He just needs two sets of eyes to look down with so he won't fall! Heehee."
Yuki: "But what about buying things to eat?"

Yuki: "I'm back now, Sou-chan?"
Souta: "........."
(??: Who's that? A highschooler?)
(Glasses: ::snickering:: "'Sou-chan' huh?")
(Matsumura: ::also snickering:: "Cuute!")
Souta: "H.. hey, Yuki-SAN, you can stop this 'Sou-chan' thing!"
"It's not like we're kids!"
"There's no reason for you to say anything like that!"
"It's been nine years!"

Souta: "Let's go let's go!"
?? "But but.."
Souta: ........
I feel like a criminal
But there's nothing wrong with separating from Yuki
Those peaceful times gone by
Where nothing was bad....
I hardly remember those times, but I wonder if Yuki does.

Souta: Why does it matter?
I'll find a way to change this feeling.

Mom: "SOuta!"
Souta: n?
Mom: "You've got some free time? That Kawamura-san sent this here." Smiley!
Souta: "Eh-------"
"Wait that's bad!!"
Mom: "What did you just say? That person just came ALL the way over here so help out a little!!"
Souta: "~~~~~~~"
Mom: "We're depending on you!"

(Unhappy walking noises)
Souta: Aa... Blah, that attitude of hers.. I'll take it later.
We won't face off again, 'I'll settle this later' (I can't tell if he's quoting himself or Oba-san)

A memory of Childhood
You and I were in that nostalgic landscape
There was the most beautiful sunset and the day smelled of grasses. And then,
His gold colored face hidden sideways under the Mugiwara hat.

Calm, long plum branches by the river
I was drowning a little at the bottom
It made an impression on me

That summer....
Eternity came to an end..

Yuki: .........
(starts coughing.)

Does he have a cold....?
Souta: No.. Well if Yuki isn't there, I better leave his house alone.

Souta: "Uhyaa--!"
"Come out! In uncle's town it wasn't very extraordinary to be hear of things suddenly appearing, but in this big town it's different.."
Oba-san: "Grandpa I.."
Souta: "Aa, a little ghost-like." "Oba-sa--....."

Oba-san: "Please stop, Grandpa!"
Grandpa: "But Grandma, I said I can count on a big one to catch. Yuki's over there too."
Oba-san: "What did you call me?"
"Grandma passed away ten years ago. She isn't here."
"Yuki is already here, Grandpa. But he's not a little kid anymore."
Grandpa: "Buut.... Stomach is getting smaller.. My fish.. I need them to eat.."
Oba-san: "Grandpa!"

Oba-san: "Let's go eat with Sakki-chan."
"Please, please calm down.."
Souta: Aa!
Oba-san: "----- Souta..."
"I'm so sorry you had to see that."
Souta: "N.. No it's fine."
Oba-san: "Grandpa hm.. Two years ago, Alzheimer's set in..."

(Warning, Next few lines are ninty percent guesswork..)
Oba-san: "Surprised?"
Souta: "Aa.. um.. A little.."
Oba-san: "At least he always returns home."
Souta: "......."
Oba-san: "Yuki too..."
Souta: "Yuki has the disease too?"
Oba-san: "Oh no no, nothing like that!"
"So anyway, hi, good afternoon."
Souta: "Oh yeah. My mom couldn't come herself, but she hopes you'll be pleased to recieve this."
Oba-san: "Oh not bad! Thanks, this is great!"

Grandpa: "Setsuko-san! Setsuko-san!"
Oba-san: "Ah.."
"Grandpa is calling. I'm sorry but I better go see what he needs."
"Say hello to your mother."
"And also,"
"be good friends with Yuki."

Souta: "Hey mom.."
Mom: "What is it?"
Souta: "Do you know about Grandpa Kawamura?"
Mom: "Oh, you saw him?"
"As I thought, living in the city is hard for him to take."
"For an elderly person to be separated from his normal lifestyle can be very hard for him."
"It's a big change for his daughter, too."
Souta: "....... I..."
Mom: "Is something wrong?"

Grandpa: 'Souta!
Today we're going to catch something big!
Souta caught it all by himself!'
'Tonight your family will have fish for dinner!'
'Right Souta?'

Souta: "......."
You're wrong... I wanted to see...
That year has been taken away from me, and from Grandpa too, I thought.
"I wonder how Yuki feels.."
My only thoughts on grandpa, his wrinkles and his big strong hands..
His big back and his laughter...

Souta: That Grandpa isn't here anymore...
(In the picture, the lines are marking how tall they were when Yuki was 6 and Souta was 5)
(Sun shiney sound effects)
Teacher: "Now the term is at an end"
"Next year your examinations are coming up, so during this summer break, don't forget everything by playing around too much."
"That's all. Dismissed!"

??: "Hey what should we do for break?"
blonde: "Yeah.. I know, let's go swimming first thing tomorrow!"
??: "Great!"
glasses: "That's a good idea, but I need to go back to the shop or my mom'll get mad."
??: "Are you in?"
Souta: "Mhm. Let's go."

??: "Yeah! Hey, why doesn't your friend from that one time come along too."
Souta: "Really?"
"Yuki! Yuki, are you here?!"

Souta: "Wah!"
Yuki: "Ak.."
(Sound effect of the water coming out of the hose and thumping on the ground)
Souta: "..........."
(choking noises)
"Uhg, I think.. I swallowed some.."

Yuki: "Are you okay without a change of clothes?"
Souta: "I'm fine. A little cold, but I'll dry off."
Yuki: "........."
Souta: (chewing noises)"Mm."
(Yuki makes one of those tiny amused laugh noises that you do through your nose when you're not really laughing but it's amusing.)
Souta: "? What?"
Yuki: "Oh nothing... I just don't think you've changed at all."

Souta: "Wha, what's that supposed to mean! That's stupid.."
Yuki: "Well maybe that's true, but.. "
"I envy that.."
Souta: "......"
"You've.. changed?"
Yuki: "I..."

Grandpa: "Yuki!"
"Yuki. Yukiii!"
(Sound effects of walking unsteadily.)
Souta: "Grandpa!"
Yuki: "........"
Grandpa: "Yuki."
Yuki: "It's hot out here, let's go back inside."
Grandpa: "Yes but I'm looking for Yuki.. He might be lost."

Yuki: "I'll go finish your search instead, so why don't you just wait here, Grandpa, okay?"
Grandpa: "Yuki.."
(Muttering noises)
Souta: "Is it always like this?"
Yuki: "....."

Yuki: "Yeah."
Souta: "........ .........."
Yuki: "S.. So anyway!"
Souta: "Oh that's right! So I wanted to invite you to come with us."
"We're going swimming tomorrow."
Yuki: "Swimming?"
Souta: "That's right! Let's go!"
Yuki: "I can't, I'm a little.."
Souta: "What, there's no reason to be hesitant! If it's about those kids, we can just go the two of us together."
"Hey that's it! Why don't we go right now!"

47 Souta: "Let's go, right?"
Yuki: "But getting wet... Ah!"
"So.. Sou-chan wait!"
Souta: "City life has weakened you hasn't it, look your face is completely white!"
"Even the smallest amount of sun is going to burn you!"
Yuki: "Sou-chan, but-"
Souta: "It's okay, it's okay!"

(Sun shiney)

(Step step step)
(sound effect of a strong movement)

Souta: ".... YUKI....."

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