Kimi ga Ita Natsu Kimi ga Ita Natsu - The Summer You Were There


*The sound of falling rain*

Other people talking(I think):
"Nine years ago......"
"Since we were separated from this place"
"With a don-don, things went bad."
"He used to be such a good, healthy child but..
little did we know, he had a weak respiratory system."
"The city air is pretty bad for him isn't it.."
"It gets worse with each Cold he gets."
"It would have been good if I had told you before hand, but anyway.."
"I'm very worried .....In silent thoughts I consider his health. This is such a shock."

*The sound of falling rain*
Souta: .... his tranquil, pale face.

(Yuki: "Souta, I don't think you've changed at all.")
(Souta: "What's that supposed to mean! That's stupid..")
(Yuki: "Well maybe that's true, but.. I envy that..")
(Souta: "...... You've.. changed?") Yuki...

*rain sound*

Souta: ....I haven't changed at all.
You haven't changed either.
You're still calm, humble, and strong willed.
And you're always on the point of saying important things.
(I totally can't get the next sentence... Blah.)

Yuki: .......

Souta: "...... You woke up."
Yuki: "Yeah.."
Souta: "How are you feeling? Oh, and your aunt was calling.."
Yuki: "It's okay, she does that a lot."
"But aside from me.. Are you startled?"br> Souta: "Ah.. A little.."

Yuki: "........ The rain.... Won't stop, huh."
"Souta.. Could you close the door..?"
Souta: "So how did that happen? So suddenly.."

"YUKI!" *Crash*
Souta: Grandpa's voice.. "Um.."
Grandpa: "Yuki!" "Yukii!" "Yuukii!"
Souta: "It'll be okay, right? I won't go.."
"Yuki....... ........"
Oba-san: "Grandpa, stop this! You can't go out, it's raining outside.."

Souta: I couldn't close my eyes because of that evening. The rain gradually ceased to fall.
"...... Can't sleep..."

Today I try to get Yuki and Grandpa out of my head.
Souta: That Grandpa.. To see him with Yuki breaks my heart.
No one can give any sympathy when they are all alone.
I'm like a stranger......
"Nn.... Well anyway, with all that aside.. It really is nice out tonight."
"Ah! Mosquito.."

Souta: "Ah.."

Souta: "It's Yuki and Grandpa from the old days..."
The summer's hazy atmosphere, the cry of cicaidas, the feel of the night on one's skin...

It's like I'm returning to those days....
......And then, for some days, I don't see Yuki.
His health deteriorates and he sleeps and wakes over and over again.
Against my will I feel guilty.

Minaguchi: "Soutaaa! Matsumura-kun yo!"
Souta: "Oi!"
Souta: "Ooo... Awesome. Did someone buy this for you?"
Minaguchi: "Hee hee hee!"
"I got my dad to. This summer break we're getting a garden and a shoeshine, too."
Souta: "Oh, I'm so jealous."
Minaguchi: "If you hurry, you can go buy one.
Oh wait, are you going to go see the Fireworks Festival?"

Souta: "Oh... that.."
Minaguchi: "Yamaya and Fujimoto are going to check it out, will you come too?"
Souta: "......... Ah......"
"I can't. I've already have somewhere else to be tonight.."
Minaguchi: "Oh?"
Souta: It's a half hearted obligation, but I must go visit my sick friend.
*Sun shiney noises*

*Don dododon piii*
Yuki's Mom: "The band's started, hasn't it.."
Yuki: "Yeah.."

Yuki's Mom: "How are you feeling?"
Yuki: "I'm doing really well today. Like I can truely wake up."
Yuki's Mom: "That's good."
Yuki: "Did Grandpa go to see the Fireworks Festival? By himself?"
Yuki's Mom: "Yes."
Yuki's Mom: "You still feel a little hot."
Yuki: "I'm really fine. I'm not a kid.."
"But thanks for coming."
*Dododon dodonpiii dodon dododon*
Windchime sound: ri---n

Sound of a gentle touch
Sudden eye opening noise
Souta: "Ah!"
Yuki: "... Sou-chan...?"
Souta: "Ah! Sorry! So sorry!"
"I was wondering if you had a fever.."
"I called to you but you didn't respond, so.."
Yuki: "Well sorry if I confused you, but it's okay."
Souta: "Yeah, but.."

Yuki: "What's that you have there?"
Souta: "Huh?"
Souta: "It's because I'm so bad at being a friend..."
"I wanted it to be like that big catch back then."
Yuki: "This one little goldfish isn't much of a catch."
Souta: "I'm sorry.."
Yuki: "But it's pretty."
Souta: "Yeah.."

Yuki: "Thank you."
"Aah.. The fireworks festival started."
Souta: ".........."
Yuki: "It looks like the sky is on fire."

I will never forget that sight.
Big wheel's of petals in the velvet night sky.
And a golden jewel within a glass of water.
The swirling light was dyed different colors.
My friend's hands and hair and porcelain white face, I will remember for eternity.

The night of the Summer Festival, Yuki had a bit of a fever, I think.
Souta: "Aw darn I should've thought to bring an umbrella..."
"My notebook is getting wet. Urg!"
"Ah, my shoes are totally soaked.."
"I've got to get home fast! -----"

Souta: "....."
"What are you doing out here in the middle of the rain!?"
"Let's get you home! Hurry inside!"
Yuki: "...... Sou-chan.."
Souta: "Uh?"
Yuki: "Grandpa died..."

Yuki's mom: ".... It was Cerebral Apoplexy."
"He seemed well the night before...."
"His death certainly was quite abrupt."
Yuki: "Oba-san.."
"Where's Yuki?"

Souta: "Yuki."
Souta: "You're awake?"
Since grandpa's death, Yuki has been back resting in bed.
......... His porcelain face from before has become white.

Yuki: "Sou-chan, remember this?"
"From our childhood... Sou-chan, it's such a small thing....."
"It makes a bird sound. When I swung it around, you cried."
Souta: "Remembered."
Yuki: ".... That memory, back when I had good height and body weight.."
"Then Sou-chan grew extremely tall."
Souta: "You don't eat enough."
Yuki: "Oh yeah?"
"It may not look like I eat much, but how would you know anything about it?"

.............After that, we
Talked about old times.
On that rainy day, two people remenisced about their childhood.
We used to play all day until the sun set and we couldn't see our shadows anymore.
((This next part is kind of confusing. I think it's written a little poetically, which is hard for me to understand.))
(Something about:) the fruit juice of the 'Sarutoriibara' red dyed shirt (and:) Not saying something (and:) Heavy
thoughts of Grandpa.
Then Yuki said something very quietly.
Yuki: "Why is it that everything can only exist for such a short time..."

His voice was very small and whispered.
My spirit fell as I could not come up with an answer.
From downstairs the sweet smell of sandalwood floated up dimly.
It was like in that gray space in time, we connected.
Souta: "So..."
"It's not that cold out anymore. We could go outside.."

Souta: "Look at the lantern flowers bloom."
Yuki: "There must be a lot blooming along the riverbed."
Souta: "Do you like them?"
Yuki: "...... Yeah. That's right."
"Right.. They're quite pretty."
With those words he gave a happy smile.
And at the end of them, the wind washed over us.

Then, after the fourth day, Yuki died.
Exactly one length of time since the morning Grandpa passed away.
The cause was breathing difficulties which lead to a heart attack.
Early in the morning, someone found him and that one person stayed with him until the end.
With strong resolution, I decided not to attend the wake or the funeral service, but Yuki's Mother came over to my place after three days had gone by. Yuki's mom: "This.."

Souta: "......Eh?"
Yuki's mom: "I found this inside Yuki's desk."
"I just don't understand what it is."
"But I think, perhaps, you will."
The paper of the envelope had the faint scent of a memory on it and looked like old cloth.
There was the sound of something dry rattling inside.

Souta: "........

"Since Spring came."
".. the two of us.."
"Let's go to the riverside together.."
"Hey! Minaguchi!"
Souta: "Sorry Matsumura!"
"Thanks for letting me borrow this!"
Matsumura: "What?"

Matsumura: "Wha, hey hey! MINAGUCHI!!"
Souta: "I have to go.. I must go.."

Souta: "This time I..."
Crossed over the river of my birthplace.
From the opposite side I could see the city sparkling like a cluster of fireflies.

"....... ......"

I'll always remember...
As a kid, we unintentionally exchanged a small promise.
From within his drawer..
Yuki: Sou-chan, I'm sorry.

Yuki: Today I'm moving far away.
I'm sorry because
I can't plant this seed with you.

Yuki: Let's go see the lantern flowers.
Souta: You like those?
Yuki: Yeah..

....... Yuki: They're quite pretty.....

Souta: That day was the first time I cried over Yuki's death.
Grass cricket sounded in the deep blue night....

Souta: The following day, I went to Yuki's house to visit.
That time when I gave him the goldfish made him happy.
Yuki's mom: "Yuki used that pitcher....? Wait here a second.."
Yuki's mom: "Here, this is all I could find."
Souta: The goldfish...
Inside the glass was a reddish-brown colored thing covered in stripes.
It was a small piece of agate.
Why this? It was probably something from around the time he was gone.
Yuki's murmuring voice will always linger in my ears.
Kimi ga Ita Natsu - End