[Cibo's Reincarnation - 1]
Cibo died during a mistake made in the "Artificial Net Terminal Gene Experiment."
Afterwards she was revived thanks to the concern of the President.
How is it that humans can be reincarnated with the data of their personalities intact?
One hypothesis is that people who aren't in the Life Electric Company, the city people, don't consider those who are to be human any longer.
Presupposing that a sort of cloning process is used, all information in the brain is coded into data, and while the real body is a living thing, a new silicon body can be easily constructed.
Up to that point, without the use of hardware, I believe they can prepare entirely for such an operation.
In short, while doing dangerous experimentation, a replacement body is already prepared (for important people only) and kept offline unless the person is killed in an accident.
Probably the brain is scanned frequently enough and backed up at the electronic level.
However even with that, Quantum Noise comes into the picture again.
There is no way to avoid that vice and data will no doubt gradually degrade.
Cibo died again in the fierce fight against the Safeguard.
First, as mentioned before, since the basic "Cibo" was already in data form, I believe that something like a drug was given to her to return her to "Backup space."
Also, just before the Builder manipulated things, Killy may possibly have used a synchronizing computer language to overwrite it......
Anyway, there is only complete data.
If there is a problem, the Net must know in order to carry out its processes, so it would have that capability to find the problem, wouldn't it?
Iko, who came way later, is a different case entirely because he's an AI.
In any case, data that is left alone for a very long time will eventually be deteriorated by Quantum Noise.
In the real world, there is matter in a constant state of deterioration, contained within physical boundaries, that we call, "Living Organisms."
So if something stays in "Backup Space" for a long time, like the Governing Agency, its information slowly unravels until finally it becomes nothing but random Noise.

[Things Made by Zulu]
Zulu makes things that can translate as code.
There is deterioration present in things going from analog to digital. If things go back and forth through that process, a lot of quantum noise will be made and that could eventually destroy what it is to be human.
To prevent that, Zulu thought up a scheme. The starting point was around the time when Zulu made the "Cell Protection".
I think it works by cloning data but its true nature might have just been for analog data.
At the very end of the Toho Heavy Industries portion, when Cibo recovered flesh, it was probably made possible by Zulu's Preservation Goods.

Mensaab teleported to the empty, spacious place as a means of defense.
How she did this difficult task brings up an equally difficult question.
First, one would have no idea where one would end up.
But without considering that, even if teleportation is remotely possible, it is without doubt, always and forever, incredibly dangerous. But if the target of teleportation is unconcerned about death, and that was pretty much the way things were at that point, then it is possible to transfer to some random place in the world despite the danger.
If by chance something teleports inside of something else, nuclear fusion occurs.
This happened and naturally was the reason Toha Heavy Industries went down.
Also, primarily before something transfers, it must exist.
However for Killy, the system had already gone crazy and he came out in a completely different place.
I believe this arrival place is like what is called a "Singular Point."

[Gravity Furnace]
A graviton is the elementary component of gravity but by itself, its force is incredibly weak.
Even though its power is so much smaller than light, as in lazer powered things, it's not really legal. (It's not that we can't make power from gravity, it's that when used it releases harmful particles. But the methods to do it do exist.) Anyway, the power is indescribably weak, but its special quality is that it's endless.
So how about having that kind of furnace to harness energy from?
It seems like it has that one potential.
Actually, when I was drawing BLAME!, I put a Neutrino symbol on the gravity furnace.
Neutrinos are elements that make up about 90% of matter in space.
Other matter in space are the elements of nearly unrecognizable "Dark Matter."
In the current world, science research institutions in every nation are actively experimenting to understand these so called graviton neutrinos.
They have been found to be electrically neutral and interference with nothing whatsoever.
Mass puts incredible pressure on other things so I think it would definitely have an influence on gravity.
Supposing that's true, we should be able to make use of gravitons, right?
If those operations could be mutually controlled, then the entire universe could be drawn upon for your energy source.
In short, with gravity you create a "space" and mold it into the shape of a windmill's blade. Then you take some flowing dark matter and have it turn the "blade."
There is heavy, immobile dark matter, even in the incredible speeds of our solar system, and even in phon windmills, so probably not all of the matter will be effected.

[Detailed hypothesis concerning the Gravity Furnace]
It is necessary for the gravity furnace to be in a place that has "space-time" equilibrium.
However, Toho Heavy Industries has builders wandering around the perimeter, reconstructing the city without consciousness to make it a better place. So the location was unintentionally damaged and it broke the equilibrium.
In order to protect equilibrium in one place, the power furnace worked to the limits of full capacity, but the limits of its location had come.
It had already reached the stage where it could not function normally any longer.
Time and space began to duplicate.
And then as the replication got worse, the maintenance of such an unstable system couldn't be managed any more.
Soon the very atmosphere was going to collapse.
In such a situation the only thing that can be done to restore it is to stop the furnace and reverse time and space, bringing it back, and then to restart it.
The gravity furnace works with gravitons hitting blades, but if any kind of object interferes, it won't work and can't be restored.
There is but one way to do this.
The Gravitational Beam Emitter has the ability to make a temporary hole in one of the blade.
The hole will fill back up after a short interval, but that moment is substantial enough to stop the furnace and give it the capacity to be reset.
If the furnace is stopped, in that single moment the replicated world comes apart.
As for what kind of effect that would have I can only guess at.
(I think maybe it would be like time and space would freeze all at once....?)
Also, while the replicated world dissolved, the fabric of space split in an instant and everything was teleported out.

[Gravitational Beam Emitter - Hypothesis 1]
Gravity, even when emitted as a beam, does not have that much power.
So where does the immense power of the Gravitational Beam Emitter come from?
Perhaps, like the Gravity Furnace, it comes from Dark Matter intervening.
That is, if the beam hits one certain place, it transforms into an entirely different location where an extreme amount of dark matter suddenly occurs. The thing's mass increases explosively, a reaction that would cause anything to be destroyed.
Since it changes the attributes of the place where it hits, it could be called, "Installation Emitter" maybe.

["BLAME!" Explanation]
The original "BLAME!" was the winner of the "Four Seasons Prize" and was about the being thought of as the progenitor of Silicon Life. The idea of jacking-in is drawn in it.
By thinking over present day science, "jacking-in to a cyborg body" (transporting ones consciousness there) is something can probably, without doubt, be realized. The problem is not transporting consciousness, the problem is about if there is the ability to transport memories and personality.
I think discussions of this problem are found in theology, philosophy, and science.
The reason I made "BLAME!" was to be at the very brink of that possibility.
Speaking of which, there is another story called?, "Ghost in the Shell" which addresses the moral side of whether we should or shouldn't be converted to electronic forms.
Also in "Permutation City" the electronically copied people ran at their own speeds, calculated against the speed of a natural person. In the end, whether or not they contained a personality, the important things were their amenities, dependant on money.
In "BLAME!" I drew a world where everyone is pretty free to electronicize themselves but amenities only exist on the Netsphere. If one doesn't have those, what they call life becomes an immortal, meaningless existance. So those who chose to electronicize themselves are in danger of choosing that lifestyle.
["NOiSE" Explanation 1]
This is about why the world outside the Netsphere was in such a bad state.
It raises the question, "Why the chaos?"
Hypothetically, one can jack-in to another imitation body (Which is what the "NOiSE" cult can do). Before that knowledge became general it was used for military affairs.
If immortal, maintenance capable "Imitation Soldiers" could be created, they would win over any other kind of soldier.
It would absolutely be used to create an army.
Naturally, any opposing forces would also be doing the same thing.
And so there could be a great electronic battle.
I can't imagine or predict what will go down after that, but somehow the Net World will become a festering wilderness and chaos would ensue - wouldn't it?

[Cibo's Reincarnation - 2]
In the previous fight at Toho Heavy Industries, in the moment when Cibo was killed, she was revived in the electric backup world extremely quickly. But that's not something just anyone can do.
If it were possible for everyone to have a spare electronic copy, this is not a joke about ghosts but, a everyone's consciousness would soon be laid to rest in the electronic reserves.
In short, people who's consciousness is all data would be loaded with different software and programs and one should think about how those operate.
Basically, Cibo's personality data is associated with a certain application that can load that information.
There are two explanations for how that is possible.
1. When she copies Killy's basic code, it was transferred over (like a virus?).
2. When she was linked with the Builder, it had that effect.
Also, it could have been a combination of those two.
The important thing is the existence of such an ability for people to have their personality attached to such an application.
Their so-call living body (although it can't really be called that anymore) came in the form of the governing agents and safeguards.

["NOiSE" Explanation - 2]
By the way, what use did the Order have for Clawsa, who was killed.
Perhaps he was experimented on because somehow or another he had been translated into data.
If the part of the machine that held Clawsa's personality became data itself, there naturally would be no application attached.
His IP space (Do you think they'd still call it that in a fully electronic world?) would be filled with random information that would eventually become noise.
Anyway, that world ended up like William Gibson's short story "Winter Market" (Printed in "Burning Chrome"). Like the female musician, Lise, if there were people who's personality was transferred to computer data, what would happen next? Outside of the Net (Base Reality) hardware (the body) is what's important but instead of that, it can all be uploaded.
I feel that such people (?) become something like ghosts.

[The Artificial Terminal Gene Experiment]
The facilities for Net Terminal Gene research that Cibo of the Life Electric Company created by herself were gigantic, but why? I already covered this before but, without the proper program, it would be impossible to even think of entering the electronic world.
If there were some everyday programs that could actually assimilate with the operating system of the Netsphere, they would be tiny.
I think like the size of a chip and no larger.
If, on the other hand, and this includes regular programs, the circumstances around when hardware is loading are obscure, then what would happen?
It's like some kind of unknown game, we have the saved game file, but we don't know what kind of hardware it uses or anything. That's the best example of the situation.
However all we know is that the game is passing by right now in real time.
At any rate, we absolutely have to find a way to load that saved data file.
If we made it so that existing game machines are all alike, and likewise the game software is all the same, then all information would be interchangeable. But other than, there's no way.
At that time, Cibo had to create the experimental facilities. That's why they were so big.
And on that topic, the Megastructure was made to accommodate the hardware of the Netsphere. So I believe that's why such a place was established.

[The Secrets of Toho Heavy Industries/Power, Driving Force]
The main power source of Toho Heavy Industries is the Gravity Furnace.
It has two kind of driving forces. One is the the short term, fine tuned Gravity Saver (It widens the gravity blades, used to resist the Dark Matter, and works something like a sailboat.)
And then there's the long term one that operates by using gravity to cut a "worm hole" in the "World Line" and "transmit" by "warping."

[The Secrets of Toho Heavy Industries/ Purpose]
Long ago in a time so far past it has been nearly forgotten, Toho Heavy Industries was a giant enterprise.
For some yet unknown purpose, they sent out the "Immigrant Research Spaceship."
However, long before it arrived at its destination (possibly after it had completed its purpose?) there was friction between the people on board.
It returned close to where it had departed.
The AI that controlled the ship could do nothing to help the people in conflict on board and together they fell into chaos.
(At that time, the OS consisted of not only the interface, but also the control program. We don't know if the the system came to a dangerous logic contradiction. But we do know that that kind of problem is befitting of such an age-old machine.)
In addition, the source of the friction may had something to do with the unforseen results of the unfinished Wormhole Engine and the transmission.
The Wormhole navigation brought them back to their landing spot in an instant. That point of arrival was at the center of "Kaisou (Layered) City."

[Why was that location made permanent? What is the "Governing Agency Agreement"?]
I don't think the damaged Kaisou City had a very large population.
(Originally the population density was very low.)
The restoration of what was damaged was left up to the automatically functioning Builders.
The Toho Heavy Industries' on board AI and the Governing Agency held a post-consultation conference.
But the on board AI had been given an extremely outdated personality.
The Governing Agency had already changed over to an OS that supported "Perfect Logic" in its functions and hardware.
There was no way for them to deal with the remaining people inside of Toho Heavy Industries and thus no way to come to any kind of mutual agreement.
The reason for this is just like "HAL" from "Space Odyssey 2001". The on board AI had been assigned absolute, priority orders to protect the lives of the members on the ship.
But there was no room for the orders from the Governing Agency which led to contradiction.
It was because the orders came to hold the harmonious continued use of the system in top priority over everything else.
Anyway, both sides were unable to reach an agreement so they made a tentative agreement. It consisted of the following:
1. Toho Heavy Industries must cease gravity operations. Basically, don't puncture the World Line in that area.
2. As some compensation for ceasing activities, the Governing Agency will grant Toho Heavy Industries with extraterritoriality. Basically, cutting them loose from the Netsphere.
3. The Governing Agency will willingly protect any persons with the intention of leaving Toha Heavy Industries.
After the agreement was sealed, one group of Cyborg Fishermen chose to leave but the rest of the people chose continue living inside with the AI.

[Changing Conditions - Failure]
Several incidents built up which led to the AI ceasing to function.
First, the gravity furnace began recklessly emitting excessive amounts of power used for navigation.
Then a great World Line was born inside.
The Governing Agency along with the publicly empowered Silicon Life began invading.
Also the semi publicly empowered Safeguards joined in.
And then, similar to the initial Governing Agency, even AIs capable of fuzzy logic broke down one by one because of several contradicting orders that created chaotic logic.
(At first the on board AI had put 13 machines at each division in preparation.)

[Mensaab, Central AI]
Mensaab herself, by means of the very first erratic AI, puts the particular individual Seu in top priority.
She won't even risk contact with other AIs who are edging toward insanity because of their serious disease. (excommunication)
The remaining AIs were destroyed by Silicon Life.
The very last AIs assembled to become the "Central AI" (Similar to "Eva"s Magi, or Hyperion. Their intellect and double-checking through multiple consultation circuits prevent madness from breaking out.)

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