With that, does it mean they're a part of the System...?
If you're guessing those two have something to do with Killy's Safety System, I won't disagree to that hypothesis. I can also recognize other reasons for their appearance in connection with his "rebirth".
Iko's partner being a fish from the Earth's surface is appropriately strange but it's related to the time abnormality in the Unofficial Layer.
The world was without a doubt messed up by the time abnormalities that occurred in accordance with the obstruction of Gravity Power. In that kind of world, you can't say anything's mysterious, no matter what pops up.
Anyway, in this world too, the Coelacanth is a living relic popping up from the past, so in my world if a Builder brings one over, we can't really say that's strange....
Speaking of "bringing one over", Dhomochevisky was walking around carrying something like a cap of some sort. It has some relation to the "book" that Killy had.
That was also pretty surprising, but they're all things Builders bring over.

[The Level 9]
Before when Davine lu Linvega failed to make a temporary connection, that kind of thing happened.
Keep in mind that Cibo experienced the same kind of situation with the high level Safeguard. While Davine lu was in the midst of being killed the connection was damaged by the exterminator.
However, what's necessary to get through this situation lies in the realm of brute strength. So, contrary to Cibo's defenseless position, Davine lu had a strong supporting squad that perhaps was able to drive the Exterminator away.
However it happened that brute strength was not the aim of mission and as a result, and it was necessary for Davine Lu to also use Seu's genes.
What was Davine Lu's aim anyway?
In general we of course can't say that the relationship between Silicon Life and the Governing Agency is friendly at all, however actually they aren't in straightforward opposition. (On the other hand, the Safeguards ARE in a head-on collision with the Governing Agency. In a systematic way of speaking, it's like the relationship between a virus and a vaccine.) ((translator's note: with the nurse holding the shot being Silicon Life))
The Governing Agency isn't thinking of destroying all of them.
The Governing Agency has an interest in "Mankind" and "The World" - which means they lost their executive responsibility and they have no interest in Silicon Life who don't have rights of access.
If something interferes with their controlled world, they eliminate it. But the Safeguards carry out the elimination.
On one hand, Silicon life is interested in, according to the absolute power of the Governing Agency, obstructing the reconstruction of the Netsphere. But so long as they themselves inhabit this world, I'd say they don't want to completely eliminate the Governing Agency.
Their ideal situation is for chaos to persist. If the Net went down permanently, Silicon life would cease to exist.
So if Davine Lu did her utmost and was able to access the Governing Agency, what would she have done?
In the end, since she did everything at the risk of her own life, maybe the "Level 9"'s capture was her aim?
So then, why did she want the Level 9?
As the story unfolds, it is for Cibo to implement her own idea (?). In the Level 9 were Net access rights concealed by the Governing Agency within a "Sphere."
The arrest and capture of that led to separate battles but as for Davine Lu's primary goal, that was not it, naturally.
Davine Lu was after the pure fighting power of the Level 9.
That might be pretty obscure for a goal.
It might have been to use for anti-Safeguard purposes, or to hold a stronger position in the Silicon Life hierarchy.
And, the next problem.
Exactly how strong is the Level 9?
In general, what kind of weapon is it?
There are three clues.
First, (more than Killy's gun) it is the ultimate (however seemingly uncontrollable) weapon.
Next, the effect from the destructive "Thermal Load" spreads across surfaces.
Finally, the energy of Killy's gun does not interfere with it.
By the way, in "BLAME!" there are a whole lot of things that seem to be the absolutely highest level weapon, but as for something that can compare to the Level 9 one, there is only Mensaab's transmission (or rather, the situation after the transfer).
Given that, the inference of it as a weapon is absolutely true, but what I think of as a weapon is the transfer that carried over the surface of another world.
With that assumption, maybe it was the surface of the sun?
Anyway, there really is no way to counteract that.

[Conversion Tower/About electric power, again]
From the beginning, in the Unofficial Layer, Dhomochevsky and Iko spoke of electricity shortage. It's not that there is absolutely no energy, it's that there isn't anything that needs to use personal electricity there.
Silicon Life is getting their source of energy by hacking into the Conversion Tower. And for who has the greater skill, Iko loses to Davine Lu.
By the way, the "BLAME!" world is a perfect Ubiquitous World.
It's not a completely unrestricted place without an interface.
From the force of gravity to the atmosphere, most all living things rely on the Net for survival so not a single thing is natural.
And as for electricity, even Killy's gun is reliant on that.
But having said that, he went blasting around in the Unofficial Layer with no problem.
The only time when Killy's unbeatable gun becomes unusable is, as expected, when its supply of energy is severed.
Aside from that, when counter measures are taken against it.
In the Electric Life Company, the beam was distorted and twisted but that may have been at its true, ultimate peak.
From a physics perspective it's maybe gravity interference....?
From Cibo's story, they wanted to investigate it so they may have purposefully inserted a point of interference.
In the end, Silicon Life got their hands on it, but that's to be expected as it was created by the Electric Life Company.
The beam also when astray in some instances when Sanakan was using it.
Somehow or another it uses gravitational particles so one has to deal with that kind of thing.
The reason that the weapon couldn't be used inside of Toha Heavy Industries is simply because they didn't have the software in there to support it.
You can pick this up from the fact that Killy's gun exists in the operating system of the Netsphere.
This is natural because it was created as a Safeguard weapon.
So Iko hacked into the gun instantly and was able to take control.
During the fight with the "Large Sack King" ((translator's note, I can't remember who this is, but I'm guessing it's the President or something)) when the supressors were lifted, the energy taken from the (?) destruction group? the energy was supplied from the Net. But the the suppressors were lifted using embedded software to take off some of the load.
But one thing that must be brought to attention is that during that time the energy was supplied by passing through Killy's body.
Basically, Killy is the channel by which the gun can receive energy.
That's why sometimes another person uses it but they can only use what energy is stored in the gun itself and unless Killy takes up the weapon again, it can't be used if the stock runs out.
If we go back to the Toha Heavy Industries chapter, Cibo had the ability to use the "anti-magnetic cocoon" at that time.
The cocoon is, by necessity, weapons-free but also keeps out against Safeguards as well.
It's easy to read, like sticking a flag out of the software and a virtual space was made to remove the checker.
When Cibo also, when she was in Life Electric Company, applied "protecting electricity" to create "anti-magnetic shielding" which is basically the same kind of structure.
The reason she used "anti-magnetic" protection was because she thought there might come a time when Killy needs to use his gun, but more immediately, it could be used in a fight against Sanakan.
Going back to what I was saying, at the much-needed Conversion Tower is there any stored electricity?
Probably the environment of the "BLAME!" world is maintained basically by using an electrical power source, which is the basic component of the Megastructure and embedded in its "System."
If not for that the control of gravity power would get out of hand and the world would collapse.
So it's necessary for electricity to be an alternate channel used to activate the world's software.
Poor Iko and Dhomochevsky didn't have the electricity needed to launch their own software. Possibly they were done wrong by Silicon Life and blocked eightfold while Killy suffered no trouble at all.
The energy source rank of Killy's gun is most likely worthy of the highest level and basically since it can function even in a tight situation, Killy can go around blasting away to his heart's desire.

[About Personality - Part 3/Mori]
Unlike Sanakan, Dhomochevsky, and Iko, who fought bravely to the end, most of the humans in "BLAME!" are cowards.
This personality (consciousness) is also possibly related to the primal instinct to further one's genes.
Silicon Life enjoys an existence free from confines of genes.
Zuru made samples from remains.
The Mensaab-Seu party went through the "Space-Time Gap."
There was the Beautiful Life clone.
According to that, and this might go without saying, an AI's goal is a straight line.
Near the end, one became Killy's partner: "Mori," a being that exists in the Emergency Backup Pack...... somehow or another it became Killy's partner.
The "Emergency Backup Pack" is the cylindrical object that Cibo prepared when was staying in the child-body of Sanakan. She was surely conscious at the exact time of the emergency designed it then, but what kind of information is kept in there?
According to one explanation, for all of an individual's data to be saved it would take about 2 Terabytes maybe.
How is that calculated?
Is it a molecular construction?
Well, even if you believe that, that it takes that much, that world has enough to deliver such a volume.
Cibo's been "reincarnated" so many times so probably her basic data has shrunk a bit.
On the other hand, Mori's Emergency Backup Pack is pretty huge.
But certainly the lower brain functions are all the same so do we have to calculate those in?
Having said that, multiple personalities can just be written on top of that base. That way the volume gets pretty big, though.
"Mori" could be the company's name or maybe the first little girl who was originally saved there.... The answer will forever be a mystery.
And is it that individual's original personality a girl, or was it another person (a man?) who was overwritten? That's also something we will never know.
Simply, in comparison to Sanakan's kind, I feel that one of course has preferences about one's existence...

[About Personality - Final/The Netsphere's manager?]
Why did the Governing Agency give a personality-like element to the Proxy Organism?
Was that simply a user-friendly element and could have been done without?
The reason for why Safeguards were brought to life on purpose was that to fight against Silicon Life, an army of soldiers was necessary.
But even in that situation, once the personality is affixed it can't be erased so there are inconvenient things about it too.
But even so......
The Government Proxy Organism does not have a personality by any means.
That is one of the conditions of its operation, if it does not spend time prioritizing functions properly, it will break down at some point. Or else if a personality has been carelessly affixed it will definitely run into a contradiction of logic.
However, as usual, people want something out of their companions, right? I think so.
So then specifically for that kind of companion, an interface personality is affixed and acts like the "front window" for the Governing Agency.
He (or she) probably doesn't even have a real body.
Sometimes Proxy Organism is downloaded into basic reality, that interface personality comes attached.
The original one keeps existing forever.
So after a long time, a whole lot of these affixed personalities pile up on top of eachother.
With no order..... Speaking of which, Sanakan also might be that kind of being.

Great Sky River by Gregory Albert Benford (Cibo)
Feersum Endjin by Ian Banks (Netsphere)
Busou Shimada Souko and Ad-Bird by Shiina, Matoko (Garbage storage, Tetsu, Zulu)
Dead boys and Dead Girls by Richard Calder (Ivy and Maeve)
Kirinyaga by Mike Resnick (Mensaab)
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Billenium by James Graham Ballard

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