[Cibo's Dispersion in Space]
Because of the broken agreement, the Central AI was thinking of transferring to a new location but because of the abnormal condition of the Gravity Furnace, it was unable to teleport.
It evolved for some hundreds of years.
Killy and Cibo invaded.
Actually the Central AI once (or many times?) tried to normalize the Gravity Furnace but the "Forbidden" World Line was altered. Then when normal power was used from the Gravity Furnace, the World Lines became entangled.
But, according to those living inside of Toho Heavy Industries, there is the probability of there being a basic World Line, but not even one of the broken-down World Lines could get through to become that.
The result was simply chaos spreading mischievously.
(to begin with they tried to remove the dangers of Toho Heavy Industries but in the end perhaps that's what caused the abnormalities in the Gravity Furnace to break out.)
There, new data appeared.
This information intruded on Cibo's World Line.
Then somehow or another events accumulated so that the abnormalities in the Gravity Furnace were fixed in the blink of an eye.
The Central AI bet everything on that one instant......!?

[Killy? Part 2 - Where did that electric power go?]
What was the method by which Killy, who was so damaged by the Level 9 that even his skin came off, was revived in Log.51 ?
Where did the expanding energy of the "Parallel Electric Storage Shooter" go?
The answer to this riddle is that Killy's natural form (?) the large effected elements appear and disappear.
First, if you think in terms of the possible, this is an example of a "Secret System Messenger."
Before this, basically that revived form wanted to make sure of the considerably abnormal situation.
The place was in the "Unofficial Layer/Unofficial Megastructure" where the Governing Agency couldn't function.
Also, since the Structure Conversion Tower was damaged, the combat Safeguard Sanakan, who could revive herself any number of times by downloading herself, found it impossible to do so.
With that, how was Killy able to retrieve the basic data of his mind and body, with what energy, and revive himself?
Take Iko's explanation into consideration, "The hardware of the Megastructure is laid within." And also in the story before the last episode, the damaged data domain was severed by the Governing Agency. Whether it was functioning perfectly or not, the thing was that it was still operating at all. So basically this world has a BIOS System level.....?
Actually Iko uses the word "system" too.
What a "System Messenger" is lies in the dying words of the Representative Proxy from the Governing Agency that surfaced in the preliminary electronic world.
"Killy is a secret messenger from before the Safeguards."...... That phrase reveals one small but extremely important part about Killy's natural form (?).
Does that basically mean Killy has some relationship to the "System" of that level?
Well by some means or another, in the end the data and power returned to the system and the system was restored, right...?
If that's so then his body really is immortal.....?
It was a matter of course that the Governing Agency proposed to cooperate with him.
And having done that, the electric power being withdrawn is compensated for by the "Parallel Electric Storage Unit Clusters".
Energy and matter operate in balance with eachother. Basically even though they're the same thing, it is physically impossible for electricity to be stored in Killy's body.

[Gravitational Beam Emitter - Explanation 2/Type One Variable Critical Arms]
Iko called it the "Gravitational Beam Generator" but it's actual name is this one ((referring to "Type One Variable Critical Arms")). The people on the Forbidden Level of the Life Electric Company also called it "Gravitational whatever" as a name that describes its functions directly.
But in the end, "Type One Variable Critical Arms" is the true name of Killy's weapon whereas "Gravitational Beam Emitter" is just a description.
So what does it mean by a "Weapon" that is "Critical" and "Variable"?
The only ones to use (possess) this weapon are Killy and Sanakan, and Sanakan only utilized the "Great King ((Not sure about this word here))" so that's the situation.
As for the reason, it takes place on the various stages of the story of BLAME!, "The maintained Lower Level where Killy was wandering," "The Electric Life Company's general Forbidden Level," "Toho Heavy Industries, where the Governing Agency's influence does not extend," "The Informal Layer," and the "layer damaged by Level 9." BLAME! is mostly full of places where the Governing Agency, Safeguards, and the like are unable to function, I would say. And so if you consider those circumstances to be true, they would have come across no other weapons.
But, I wouldn't say the Safeguards are under inefficient command. Since in Sanakan's final flawless form in the scene at the Silicon Life headquarters, the gun she was using was a pressure release gun. And also for Sanakan to attack she had a downloaded a high level exterminator which one can think of as not being able to be taken down by fire power or strength. The same is so with Killy's gun, and it must be the most powerful weapon in that world.
So why was the unsteady Killy able to carry such a thing?
Well as you should know, it's because he's this really extraordinarily special person.
As expected, is it because he's the "Secret System Messenger"....?
This brings us back to the previously stated problem.
What does it mean by a "Weapon" that becomes "Critically" "Variable"?
In the whole of this world, the Builders have created a layered world that is, in actuality, a level that is the same size as the Solar System. And inside of that entity is one atmospheric pressure of breathable air circulating about the whole thing as well as regularized gravity.
That kind of environment is impossible to create naturally, however there is some way or another to control that kind of thing artificially.
Naturally, the largest restructuring was taking control of the gravitational power, and undoubtedly, within the Megastructure there are controls.
If control over the gravitational power was lost, the only possibility is that the layers themselves would instantly collapse.
With that in mind, is there even a "Variable Critical Arms"?
Concerning controlling gravity, Killy's gun "emits" "beams" of "gravitons." It is the ultimate "arms" who's "critical" point is creating a situation where all "variables" have failed.
Blam! It cuts down places developed with artificial gravity with its straight beam and causes localized gravitational failure.
Since using such a thing haphazardly would be rather dangerous for the world if used carelessly, its owner is controlled carefully.
Sanakan is of a uniquely high rank which comes along with responsibility of such a weapon.
So on the other side, afterwards, from the Governing Agency...... the Level 9 Investigation was maybe also given such responsibility..... hm?

[Mystery of the Unofficial Layer #1/6780 km, 800 hours]
The Unofficial Layer's width in the separated Megastructure and the time required to pass through it.
800 hours is 33 and a half days.
This information Killy and Cibo thought nothing about, they just took it in.
But, speaking of Cibo, she risked her life to become an expert of the Megastructure while she was at the Electric Life Company.
That's not something that should be considered normal.
It's weird, isn't it!
Like, to begin with, the Megastructure is made from dismantling the raw materials of planets, so it's impossible to make a structure of the same circumference as a planet's orbit have the same density. (It could be that Cibo has no way of knowing about the concept of the "Solar System" but, probably, she had some way or another of gaining that information.)
Even given 33 days, both Killy and Cibo are living organisms so you'd think they're going to take even longer to traverse the distance. But actually, this is not the kind of attitude they had about it.
In actuality, they thought nothing of this kind of "thickness" of diameter nor time spent traveling.
When these numbers were announced, why did Killy and Cibo not have this kind of negative reaction?
And, the other thing that comes to mind is whenever they were like, "Hey let's just make a copy of our files!" wouldn't the leftover hours add up to an abnormal numerical value?
Soon the time would have been halved.
In the same way, did they not notice anything strange to wonder "why..?" about?
So then why didn't such an abnormal numerical value show up?
In the Megastructure, if the slightest thing is wrong with the system, they can make a vague guess....?
But that means that after having done that..... The timing would be skewed! Probably, actually, this is it: the key lies in chaos and abnormal phenomenon in the first place!
The Governing Agency, from the beginning, naturally, and as part of their control, understood that the space was being enlarged by the Builders and went along with their own conjectures about it.
However, when something abnormal shows up, the automatic system......
The awareness of the "Time" within the system got messed up.
Perhaps it didn't occur because of the Governing Agency, but maybe because the amount of people living there expanded beyond the computer's ability to scientifically recognize them all ((at the same time.))
So the expanding Megastructure gave birth to unusual physical phenomena.
Scientifically unknown phenomena began to occur.
One of these was that the distortion of gravity and space interfered with Time.
The calculation of time by the system was essentially disrupted so when Time lost stability the ability to interfere was also lost without the Agency being able to finish sending out orders.
During the long period of chaos, the Governing Agency eventually became aware of the situation. But they finally realized there was no way to get the situation under control or stop what was happening.
And that is actually the primary factor causing all of the world's chaos.

[On Individuality - Part Two/Sanakan]
At the time of her annihilation (Death?) Sanakan was certainly in posession of a personality.
However at the same time, there is the problem of if she was in posession of of this kind of individuality from the start or not.
Also, as a High Level Safeguard, I can't say that that kind of feature is to be primarily expected.
The kind of personality (consciousness) that a High Level Safeguard has is enough to clear the so-called "Artificial Intelligence Problem" of the Turing Test easily.
However on the other hand, I don't believe Safeguards are the kind of thing that would have been regularly given individuality to that degree.
So for what purpose do they have individuality? Make no mistake, it's for Silicon Life to use in battle.
In general, even though Silicon Life originate from human beings they are too irrational!
As Maev and Ivy are not representations of this, being somehow superhuman, and it would be impossible for a more mechanical AI to be able to face off with such beings who are capable of thinking on their own.
And so, they dealt with the people who have so-called unauthorized access by exterminating them but the regular Silicon Life weren't able to deal with the task so then, I believe, they began preparing Safeguards with personalities attached.
But I think their primarily specified personality is like the first time when Sanakan appears and actually the little enigmatic high level safeguard-esque boy (?) who shows up in LOG.4.
So then, why in the first section did Sanakan end up that way?
By the way, while they're obviously Safeguards, there are some such characters with incredibly strong personalities, right?
Why yes, it's Dhomochevsky and Iko!
About these two, they're an unusual occurance in BLAME! and, well, I've drawn out their origin.
In Log.43, I've already written about them as being "created" as "Special Safeguards" and you might remember that I explained them as an emergency system of the Layer.
It appears that I've written about Dhomochevsky's memory, and while these two seem to have their own personalities now, actually none of this is true.
Without any mistake, having what is "AI" was important when the problem of Anti-Silicon Life arose and the Netsphere couldn't be connected to. In the meantime, they were born (?) of a need for autonomical machines to provide security and were put in to operation.
During the time when the Netsphere was down, you can imagine a modern-day computer that can't connect to the internet or LAN. Even though you have the browser software, it can't function. And while you can't update your Anti-virus ware, virii (Silicon Life) get into your system via software or data that you install. It's something like that, right?
So, wouldn't they just continue their fight forever?
Maybe more than 250 year...?
Iko's body failure was actually related to his AI, wasn't it.
Probably if there had been enough electric power, I believe he could have become an actual entity.
However, the data from his original body had also been erased, or possibly damaged, or it had been maybe already in a state where it couldn't be saved?
Anyway, even without a real body, he was equipped with a personality but he can't be said to have been alive. He still behaved like an AI.
In spite of that, those two had human-like personalities.
The point of all this is that they acted upon their individual for a very long time and "came to be human" in a way.
If a really great personality program is installed and run for a long, long time, maybe one can eventually become human.....
And if that's the case, then didn't Sanakan become "that" as well?
With that kind of feeling in mind, I also drew the Builders in the process of becoming installed with personality.
In the beginning they only had the usual combat intelligence, but probably, at that time when Cibo was in symbiosis with one for ten years, it worked, didn't it?
Even after Cibo finally got her body back, there was some influence from the Builder, so she ended up with a personality that was different from a regular high-level Safeguard.
Then, the Safeguards were discarded as an organization.
That kind of overspecialized variety was no longer needed and so the decision was made.
They were simply switched off and so they entered a sleep-like state without pain or discomfort.
And then they were called in by the Governing Agency.
To arrest the Level 9 that had gone berzerk.
Cibo's personality still remained in the Level 9 but she lacked rational behavior, from the perspective of a simple Safeguard the Agency was in the wrong, and in general, within the Safeguard system, arresting or harming allies is quite difficult.
Then came Sanakan's turn, who's level had already risen more than enough.
Sanakan, Dhomochevsky, and Iko all had full blown personalities by the time of their last moments. I feel a sorry for them, don't you?
But they themselves probably didn't feel such a deep emotion.
Born to function, annihilated as a function.... that's the way it is.
Sanakan, who was present at the final battle, took her battle form as a natural part of her functioning. But I think she may have personally downloaded her original body.

[Mystery of the Informal Level - 2/Mystery of the Safeguard?]
On the Informal Level one of the most mysterious things is that there is Safeguard "clothing."
What the heck is clothing to a downloaded Safeguard's basic form?
Well about that, it's a part of the system. For those two who were unable to download twice, clothing is something for use in emergencies. In case it ends up being important, might as well include it in the download, right?
[Killy? Explanation # 3 - Mechanic Intelligence vs. Organic Intelligence]
In general it is recognized to some degree (I think) that Sci-fi is a genre which predicts the future.
In the things that have been written up until now (maily awful stuff) have become the personification of the genre.
So then these themes have been repeated again and again to the point of being annoying.
[...2001], Benford's work, the Terminator series, "Sentoyousei - Yukikaze", etc. the list goes on and on and there are so many others of the Man vs. Machine type.
Certainly, those kind of stories arise.
Because those kind of people existed.
And then, about the Governing Agency, before, when everything in the sphere of human existance over the whole world was translated into Network Space, it was of course dangerous.
Just considering the idea, it's pretty frightening, isn't it?
However, once someone's been transferred there's no going back so in the future AIs fight against things with organic intelligence. When that happens, in order to immediately reverse that reaction, safety equipment is included.....?
Something like that...
In Dhomochevsky and Iko's "Creation" episode you can see they had a lot of parts layered on top of eachother and the meaning got really deep...
The inclusion of all those things was in the root of the system.
Parts were replaced by software and even the worst parts of it weren't completely deleted.
Then suppose if the machine started committing murder. Then the safety equipment would awaken and stop it.
Anyway, somehow, it happened that things got all messed up. Mechanical Intelligence annihilated the humans. From the beginning the regulation signals included in the system were targeted and destroyed.
And with all that, at that point in time, the System did...... something?
Whatever it did..... is as of yet unknown.
Simply, if I recall, a lot of stuff fell into its bowels.
For example, the time when the Governing Agency's Proxy Organism made contact was the first time the determined and independently acting Killy took Cibo as a partner.....
Perhaps the Governing Agency was no longer able to contact Killy since he was acting independantly.
But if that was so, then who was that "Woman with the Dog".....?

[Killy? Explanation #4/Why the Coelacanth?]
When Killy was revived after being annihilated by the Level 9, he had a dream sequence before he was restarted. LOG.2/Memory of earth. In that dream, the woman and the dog were mostly symbolic.
I think this obviously has some relevance to Dhomochevsky and Iko's creation scene.
The woman is Iko and the dog corresponds to the coelacanth.
Killy is obviously, and the self-consciously, the human.
Since it's like a memory of his self growing up, you can see that Killy's form is completely unlike Dhomochevsky and Iko, who were created that way from the beginning.
At least he wasn't that way at first.
However, there's no doubt that the body Killy has now is not "the same body" he was born with.
If this was not the case, there would be no explanation for his body's specifications and fighting ability.
So then, at that first "Remodelling for Battle" and afterward, the memory of his "birth after changing" and the scene before he is ressurected....? In all the ways Killy is "born," that woman, just like Iko, is supporting him along with her dog.

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